How To restore Cisco Router Config File From A TFTP Server

After changing my Cisco IOS config file this week I received an email from a few people that they can’t access remote resources in our data centre.

Then I remembered that the reason is probably the changes I made to the Cisco router (I changes the access lists and some routes).

The first hot fix that came to my mind was to restore the Config file from the last backup I took using a TFTP server I installed two weeks ago.

(To read how to install and backup Cisco Config file to a TFTP server use this link

To restore the Router’s config file follow the steps:

  1. Turn on the TFTP server (just double click on the TFTP server software)
  2. Login to the router
  3. Type the command copy tftp running config
  4. Type the TFTP server IP
  5. Type the backup file name that you want to restore to the router
  6. Press enter
  7. Save (copy run start)