Question: How To Connect To iSCSI Target From Windows Server \ Client

If need to connect to an iSCSI SAN Target from your Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista or 7 you can use the build-in iSCSI Initiator that comes with Windows.

Microsoft has done a great job simplifying this process which takes just a few minutes.

To access the iSCSI Initiator Go to the Start menu and type iscsi -> click on the iSCSI Initiator

If this is the first time you use the iSCSI Initiator you will get the message below, Click Yes to start the Service.

Start the iSCSI Initiator again and type the IP address of your ISCSI Target -> Click Quick Connect

Select your Target and Click done

Next go to Disk Management, Bring the new Disk online, Initialize the Disk, Format and assign disk latter.


All done, new you can see the new Disk under My Computer