8 Things You Need To Know About Nano Server 2016

With the upcoming release of Windows Server Nano Server there are many things that you need to know and prepare yourself.I decided to gather a list of the most Important things you need to know.

Windows Server 2016 Nano Server Is a super light Windows Server operating System without Server GUI, Browser, Interface etc.

  1. Windows Nano Server Installation media comes with the full Installation ISO Image of Windows Server 2016 and It’s located under the NanoServer directory.
  2. The entire Installation Is 400MB.
  3. Restart time takes 5 seconds
  4. You can only manage Nano Server using remote management tools like Server Manager PowerShell , DISM, etc.
  5. Currently Nano Server can run the following rules Hyper-V, DNS, IIS, File Server and Server Clustering
  6. Nano Server comes with A Recovery Console that only allows you to change IP.
  7. To join Nano Server to a domain you need to using djoin.exe
  8. Nano Server has 93% lower VHD size, 92% fewer security updates and80% fewer reboots

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