Configure NTP Server Setting On Nano Server 2016

After reviewing the NTP configuration of my Nano Server and resting the configuration back to default today I’ll reconfigure the NTP setting on my server with new details.

This article will also work on windows Server 2008 and above.

The first step In the process Isto stop the NTP service using:

Stop-Service w32time

Next I’m setting the NTP Server name (can also take IP f needed)

w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:MANUAL

If you are In a Domain Environment run the cmdlet blow which will point the server to use the PDC emulator DC.

DC Configuration: w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update

Next I run the line below

w32tm /config /reliable:yes

Start the server:

Start-Service w32time

Than I update the configuration file

W32tm /config /update

To view the new settings I type:

w32tm /query /configuration

To force sync use:

w32tm /resync
W32tm /monitor