Windows Server Insider Preview Build 17093 Released with In Place OS Upgrade

Today, Microsoft Windows Server Insider team released a new preview build version 17093 with a major feature, In place OS upgrade.

In Please OS Upgrade

Ever since the release of Windows Server Insider Builds one of the things that were very challenging In the process was the create a new VM for each build because OS upgrade was not available.

However, build 17079 that was released 3 weeks capable to be upgraded to a newer build.

If you are running a pre-17079 build you won’t be able to use the In-place upgrade and only 17079 can take advantage of In-place upgrade.

What’s New

Besides the in-place upgrade, there is no major new feature except security updates and bug fixes.

In Place OS Upgrade

Below, I’ll show you the process to upgrade current Windows Server Insider Build (19079 and above).

First, I’ll download the ISO Image from the URL below:

In my current 17079 builds, I’ll load the ISO Image to the VM and start PowerShell and check which drive the ISO Image located.


Using the cmdlet below, I’ll note the ISO drive and will start setup.exe


In my case, the ISO Image Is In D drive and I’ll run


Next, I’ll follow the prompts

Because I’m using enterprise edition, I’ll select it again

To keep the current server configuration, settings and files I’ll select Keep personal files and apps

I also have the option to delete all settings and files If I select Nothing

From here, windows will handle the entire process

Once the upgrade is completed I’ll run the cmdlet below to view the new build number


Get-ComputerInfo | more

Long and Semi-Annual Channel

As Announced a few months ago, Windows Server will be available in two release modules.

  1. Long-Term Servicing channel – This Is the current and most familiar module where a new operating system version is released every 2-3 years with 5 years support cycle.
  2. Semi-Annual Channel – This new module will offer two new releases every year with new features and roles, support will be available for 18 months.

Windows Server Insider showcases the upcoming changes as developing and release by Microsoft before they being released as Sami-Annual Channel.