How To Create a Windows Container

In the last few blog posts, I’ve shown you how to Install and Configure Windows Containers and Docker on a Container host and now I’ll show you how to create Containers.

Get Started

Before you start, It’s Important to know that docker commands and Container names are case sensitive.

To create the most basic Windows Server Container I’ll use the docker command below, which will create a Server Core Container, log me into the Container and will start Powershell.exe

docker run -it microsoft/windowsservercore-insider powershell.exe

If I type hostname, I’ll see the Container’s hostname

To view running Containers, I use the commands below

docker ps - Shows running Containers

docker ps -a – Shows running and not running containers

To exit a running Windows Container, I use Ctrl + P + Q on the keyboard

To exit a running container and turn it off type exit

I could also give my container a name using the –name switch

docker run -it --name Server microsoft/windowsservercore-insider powershell.exe

Delete Container

To delete a container I use

docker rm server

To delete the container at exit use the switch –rm

docker run -it --rm --name server2 microsoft/windowsservercore-insider powershell.exe