Microsoft Intune Device Types

In this post we will learn about the device types Microsoft Intune and Azure AD has to offer and which one Intune needs.

Managing your Windows 10 device using Microsoft Intune is depend on how your device is joined to Azure AD.

The amount of management functions is based on how your device is joined.

Azure AD and Intune Device types

Below you can see all the device types that Azure AD and Intune support.

For Microsoft Intune to work and fully manage your devices they need to be Azure AD Joined and run Windows 10 Pro at minimum.

Azure AD registered

Office 365 logged on users

Azure AD joined

Joined to Azure AD by user or Administrator

Hybrid Azure AD joined

Joined to Azure AD and Active directory

Device only

Computer only

View Devices

To view how your devices are joined to Azure AD and Intune.

Open the Microsoft Azure portal and click on Azure Active Directory.

From the left menu pane, Click on Devices

In the following figure, you can see on the right side the Join Type, OS and Version.

For best management results, make sure you join your machines as Azure AD joined device typed.

In my next article, I will show you how to join a Windows 10 machine to Azure AD the easy way.