Install Letsencrypt On Linux CentOS

In this blog post, I will show you how to install Letsencrypt certificate authority on Linux CentOS.

About Letsencrypt

Letsencrypt is a free SSL certificate authority that allows you to issue SSL certificates that are trusted.

The way Letsencrypt works is by using self-service ownership validation services where you install the service and run the validation.

Letsencrypt most common validation process is by using DNS validation.


To install Letsencrypt, I will run the following command.

Note: To install Letsencrypt on a Windows Server check this post.

yum install epel-release;yum install certbot python2-certbot-apache mod_ssl

Add Domain

I will go ahead and add a domain using the following command:

certbot --apache -d

Below you can see the details of the command which add the domain.


To test the process, I will browse to my domain and test the URL and the certificate it is using.

You can also see that the connection is secure.

Letsencrypt will also add a cron job that will renew the certificate every 3 months.

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