How to Upgrade Microsoft Azure AD Connect

In this blog post, I will show you how to upgrade Microsoft Azure AD Connect using manual update.

About Azure AD Connect

Azure AD Connect is the replacement of Dir Sync, and it is a synchronization engine that sync local Active Directory objects (users, Group and computers) to Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

The reason companies are using syncing their AD to Azure is because they want to use a single form of identity across Office 365 and on perm infrastructure.

Download Azure AD Connect

The first step in the update process is to download the latest version of Azure AD Connect.

Azure AD Connect gets a log of updates, and sometimes you will get two updates in a single month.


To upgrade Azure AD, Connect, you will need to enter the login details of an Office 365 Global Administrator account.

So, make sure you have the above ready, also during the upgrade process sync between AD and Azure AD is stopped, so make sure you do it during off-peak hours.

Start the wizard and click next, enter the Office 365 Global Administrator account details in the 3rd screen and click next.

The update process will take a few minutes, and when it is done, Azure AD Connect will do a full sync of all objects to Azure AD.

Click exit and the final screen and wait for the full sync to finish.

It is important to note that in large environments (10, 000 objects), full sync can take 30 minutes to complete.

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