Add a Package to a .NET Core Project

Working with packages in any software development project is a common practice and can save time and effort. For .NET development, the main package repository is

.NET is no different to other programming languages and allow developers to use open-source and community-developed libraries that we can download to our project and use.

Package Managment

To get started, let create a new C# dotnet application using the following command.

Dotnet new console

After creating a console application, let us add a package from NuGet. The package name is humanizer, and I will use the following command to install it.

dotnet add package Humanizer --version 2.11.10

After adding the package, We need to add it to the Program.cs file below the System namespace and as shown below.

using System;
using Humanizer;

To list all the packages used in our code and application, run the following command or review the .csproj file.

dotnet list package

Success! You're on the list.