How To Deploy EXE Apps With Intune

When deploying Windows applications to Microsoft Intune, MSI applications are straightforward and don’t require special preparation compared to EXE-based installations.

Many Intune engineers ask themself is, how do I deploy Windows applications with an EXE installer? This blog post will show you how to do that.

Deploy EXE Apps to Microsoft Intune

To deploy EXE applications with Intune, we must package the application into the .intunewin format using a Microsoft tool called Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool.

Install Tool

To install the Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool, go to the following GitHub repo and download it.

Create a package

Now, it is time to create an intunewin package. To start, create the following folder structure (Source, Output and the Win32 prep tool)

Place your EXE file inside the Source folder.

Open the command prompt go to the Win32 Prep tool folder, and start the Win 32 tool using the following command


Follow the prompts

Please specify the source folder: c:\intune\
 Please specify the setup file: setup.exe
Please specify the output folder: C:\Intune\output
Do you want to specify catalog folder (Y/N)?n

When the packaging process is completed, you will see the following message.

If you look inside the output folder, you will see the .intunewin file.

The next post will show how to deploy the app to Windows machines using the EndPoint Manager portal.

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